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  • Image of people working out in a gym

    What Winning Means to Fitness Franchise Owners

    Franchise owners with UFC GYM often join us with a passion and drive to help others achieve their fitness goals. While members are fighting to win their own battles at the gym, franchise owners are trying to […]

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  • Image of two women high fiving in a gym

    The Power of the UFC Gym Franchise Brand

    More and more, people are prioritizing their health and focusing on exercise as a means to improve their strength and overall wellbeing. They also want to see results, which is why it is crucial for a fitness […]

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  • Image of two people training in a gym

    How Exercise Franchises Provide Consistency for Members

    When you franchise with the UFC GYM family, you will become part of a household name in athletics people have trusted for nearly three decades. As the biggest sports and sports promotion brand in the world, we […]

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  • Image of group of gym members working out with ropes in a UFC GYM

    What You Can Learn as a Fitness Franchise Owner

    As a gym franchisee, you can learn a variety of significant life lessons as you run and grow your business. As a member of the UFC GYM family, you can understand what you want out of your […]

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  • Image of a woman with white gloves boxing in a UFC GYM

    How to Kick off Your Fitness Franchise Right

    The grand opening of a UFC GYM franchise can be an exciting journey, and with our committed team at your side, you’ll have a well laid out game plan—so you’re ready to start off strong. From the […]

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  • A female member punches a male coache’s hand during boxing training.

    What You Need to Know About UFC GYM Franchising

    Understanding everything you can about a fitness franchise opportunity is important to making an educated decision about your future business endeavors. At UFC GYM, we’re proud of our history and our offerings, and we want the world […]

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  • A UFC GYM franchise trainer helps a member train with a large medicine ball.


    When it comes to running your own business, there are a number of attitudes and beliefs that can help you reach your goals. Along with having the self-starter attitude of an entrepreneur, it’s also important be adaptable […]

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  • A group of UFC GYM members perform synchronized lunges in a UFC GYM location.


    With more people than ever turning to exercise as a means to support their overall health, the fitness industry continues to thrive and grow. Owning a gym franchise with UFC GYM provides the opportunity to reach a […]

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  • Image of interior UGC GYM with free weights and cycling machines


    With the increasing interest in fitness, and the rise in gym-goer numbers, it’s no surprise that full-service gyms like UFC GYM make an excellent opportunity for franchise ownership. Our premium gyms are the future of franchising, and […]

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