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Keep Your UFC GYM
Franchise Thriving

Ongoing Support

Support doesn’t stop after grand opening. We’re in your corner from day one and far
beyond as you grow into your role as a UFC GYM franchise owner.

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    Systems & Operations Support

    Cutting-edge digital communications and back-end business software help you run the show at your UFC GYM. Plus, a dedicated IT team will help make sure POS systems and membership databases stay up and running smoothly.

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    Franchise Business Consultants

    Every UFC GYM franchisee is paired with a dedicated consultant. Your consultant will be by your side as your navigate your ownership journey – they have all the answers and, if they don’t, they know who does.

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    Network of Franchisees

    The UFC GYM family of franchisees is a powerful network of like-minded businesspeople all dedicated to each others’ individual success. Every owner reaches optimal performance when all owners reach optimal performance – that’s why it’s important to embrace our core F.I.G.H.T. values and stick together.

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    UFC GYM Corporate Team

    The UFC GYM corporate team is at your service and only a call away. We’re here to help you make your UFC GYM the best it can be by answering any questions you might have and working with you to tackle any problems that might come up along the way.

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    Local & National Marketing & Promotion

    Rely on the UFC brand for the best and most engaging marketing materials to help you fill your gym from day one.

    • Local grassroots marketing
    • Grand opening PR
    • Digital and social media marketing
    • Print advertising and additional media
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    Hiring & Training Your Staff

    We’ll share our experience and known best practices in the hiring process, as well as provide the necessary materials and programs to ensure your staff performs at the highest level.

    Plus, your specialized staff of coaches will all go through the same intensive certification process so they can provide the best MMA-inspired fitness experience to every member they encounter.

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