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Born From the Biggest
Brand in Sports

Founded By Champions

Nearly 30 years ago, entrepreneur Art Davie, director John Milius and Brazilian Jiu-Jistu Grand Master Rorion Gracie envisioned a never-before-seen martial arts tournament designed to celebrate all styles of martial arts from around the world. Working together, the three men brought Ultimate Fighting Championship to life.

Today, under the leadership of Dana White, UFC’s renown as a premium global sports brand has skyrocketed — and a recent partnership with ESPN has helped launch mixed martial arts into the mainstream of American athletic competition.

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  • 1993 Ultimate Fighting
    Championship is founded
  • 284+ million
    global UFC fans
  • $12.3 billion UFC
    brand valuation*



Looking for a way to give their athletes another chance at victory after the Octagon™, UFC management began to develop an investment opportunity suited to the training and skill set of elite UFC MMA fighters. The idea was simple: build a fitness facility that could provide everything an athlete would require under one roof.

UFC GYM was the result. The first major brand extension of UFC, UFC GYM emerged in 2009 with the help of Mark Mastrov, founder of another global fitness center brand, co-founder of NEFC, and an owner of the Sacramento Kings.

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Join The Legacy With a UFC GYM Franchise

We’ve spent the last 10 years proving our concept on the market, refining our systems and honing our business models to provide the best
opportunity in fitness to those with the drive and passion to own a franchise with fighting spirit.

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Ricky Thai

“UFC GYM brand is very well known around the globe and it has great potential for the future ahead. My unit has been performing great since our opening a couple of months ago, and I’m very happy with the results. I truly appreciate the great team that helped me put it all together.”

Ricky Thai

Franchisee - City of Industry, California

Adam Stanley

“They were there to answer the questions I needed. Everyone from top to bottom cared about our success.”

Adam Stanley

Franchisee - Lonetree, Colorado

Slava Vilshtein

“COVID made opening a bit more challenging, but corporate’s experience and guidance helped me trememendously. There were numerous times where I was ready to throw my arms in the air and give up. I can’t thank the corporate team enough for their support. Now, we’re leading the entire company in NMUs, units, and EFTs.”

Slava Vilshtein

Franchisee - Oxnard, California

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Our Members Live The UFC Experience