What Winning Means to Fitness Franchise Owners

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Franchise owners with UFC GYM often join us with a passion and drive to help others achieve their fitness goals. While members are fighting to win their own battles at the gym, franchise owners are trying to win in other ways, and there are many metrics for them to track that can help assess how far they’ve come, including the satisfaction of their members and return on investment. Continue reading to find out more about what winning means to fitness franchise owners.


As a fitness franchise owner with UFC GYM, there are many performance metrics you can look at, including the conversion rate and average class attendance. The conversion rate is a metric that helps examine how effective your marketing and sales team are, providing crucial information regarding the potential leads you could convert into new members.

Your gym franchise will also be fully loaded with classes, so another great metric to gauge performance is average class attendance. Looking at this metric will help assess the productivity of each class, so you can readjust coaches and class size for better efficiency. Most importantly, you should know how satisfied your members are and if there is anything you can do to increase satisfaction with their gym experience. Your members’ satisfaction will greatly impact your ability to retain them, so they can continue their fitness journey with you.


Tracking your gym franchise’s financial metrics can guide you toward more effective financial decisions and prevent loss. Some of the financial metrics you’ll want to look at include sales revenue and gross and net profit margin. By looking at your gross profit margin, you keep your cash flow, input, and output of your fitness franchise in check, ultimately giving you a better idea of the worth of your business.


Those who follow their passion into the fitness industry do so for their own unique reasons. Whatever your personal goals may be, whether it’s to become business owner, give back to your community, or help others fulfill their fitness dreams, there are ways to assess your progress toward achieving them.

Our franchise owners are excited about the work they do and proud to take ownership of a household name in athletics. They know that people associate the UFC GYM brand with champions and will come to them for the results-driven workouts they’re seeking. By providing members a space for them to embark on their fitness journey, you may achieve the personal fulfillment you’re looking for by owning a UFC GYM.


If you’re ready to win with UFC GYM, now’s the time to learn more about the opportunity and if you have what it takes to join our fitness franchise family. Schedule a call with us today to request more information, so you can get started on pursuing your dreams of owning a business in the fitness industry.

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