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Opening Your First
UFC GYM Location

Initial Support & Training

Whether you choose UFC GYM/FIT SIGNATURE, UFC GYM or CLASS UFC GYM, your franchise journey will be backed by
a team of experts who’ve done it all before. Here’s a look at what you’ll get.

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    Model Selection

    Our franchise development team will help you choose the right UFC GYM model – UFC GYM/FIT SIGNATURE, UFC GYM or CLASS UFC GYM – to make the most of your location and investment.

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    Site Selection & Real Estate

    We’ll work closely with you to pinpoint the best possible site for your UFC GYM fitness center based on sophisticated target market identification and area demographic analysis. We’ll also recommend preferred Realtors in your area.

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    We’ll be by your side through the gym build-out and construction process to make sure everything goes smoothly. We can recommend approved contractors and other vendors as you build and equip your location.

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    Business Training

    During the construction phase, you’ll go through several weeks of intensive training in every area needed to run a successful UFC GYM franchise, including:

    • Brand & experience
    • Business development
    • Operations
    • Sales & marketing
    • Hiring & management
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    Pre-Grand Opening

    As you prepare for your grand opening, you’ll also complete a hands-on training at a UFC GYM, where you’ll shadow staff and get familiar and comfortable with every job in the facility.

    We’ll also help you launch a grassroots marketing campaign to let everyone in the area know your UFC GYM is open for business. We’ll walk you through the membership pre-sale process to ensure your gym is packed with patrons on the first day.

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    Grand Opening

    You’ll have the help of experienced team members and a field consultant when your UFC GYM opens its doors for the very first time.

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Get the Support You Need To Keep
Your Gym Growing