What You Need to Know About UFC GYM Franchising

A female member punches a male coache’s hand during boxing training.

Understanding everything you can about a fitness franchise opportunity is important to making an educated decision about your future business endeavors. At UFC GYM, we’re proud of our history and our offerings, and we want the world to know about it.

To help you get started on exploring our fitness franchise opportunity, we’ve put together three things you need to know about us: Our powerful history, our dedication to our members, and our commitment to our franchise owners.

Our History in Fitness Franchising

UFC is one of the most recognized names in fitness thanks to the strong reputation of Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®). Our founders were eager to bring the same brand power and fitness methods to markets nationwide. So, in 2009, UFC GYM was born to give every member the opportunity to train like the pros.

Since then, we’ve continued to grow and perfect our model, expand our service offerings, and build a franchise fit for champions. Today, we’ve taken the UFC GYM name global with franchises in multiple countries around the world, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. With our history in fitness behind us, UFC GYM franchise owners can become part of a revolutionary concept that’s only growing stronger.

Our Dedication to Fitness for All

We may have been founded by fitness pros, but we offer services to every type of member who’s eager to get in shape and be their best. No matter the age or athletic ability, our members are able to train like world-class athletes and work at their own pace.

We’re dedicated to making our methods approachable to everyone in ways which feel comfortable and safe. After all, feeling good and staying fit are universal goals. As a UFC GYM franchise owner, you can be the driving force behind all your members’ efforts to achieve their goals—no matter their experience or strength level.

Our Commitment to Our Franchise Owners

Just as we’re dedicated to helping our members achieve their dreams, we’re committed to ensuring our fitness franchise owners are able to hit their marks as entrepreneurs. From pre-launch training to ensure you’re well-prepared for grand opening, to operations, marketing, and ongoing support for the life of your franchise, we’re completely focused on helping you build the strongest gym franchise possible.

Just hear what one of our incredible franchisees has to say. “I have learned SO MUCH as a UFC GYM franchisee—about leadership, business, and myself,” says Adam Stanley, a UFC GYM franchise owner in Colorado. “I often joke that I got my Bachelors in Aviation and my Masters in Public Administration/Business and my PhD in Small Business from UFC GYM. Personally, it has been the greatest challenge and reward of my life.”

Learn More for Yourself

These are just three of the many exciting facts to learn about owning a UFC GYM franchise. For entrepreneurs eager for a franchise with a strong history in the industry, who are dedicated to giving their all to their members, and who are excited to be part of a global franchise family, UFC GYM is the opportunity of a lifetime. Get in touch with our team today to learn much more about franchising with UFC GYM and how you can start working toward your exciting new gym franchise today.

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