Four Ways UFC Gym Supports Franchise Owners Like You

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Whether you’re looking into your first gym franchise or this will be one of many in your portfolio, it’s key to find opportunities with strong support throughout all stages of ownership. At UFC GYM, we’ve got your back every step of the way. From a strong franchisee network and readily available corporate team, to staff hiring assistance and marketing strategies, you can rely on us to help get your UFC GYM location ready for business in no time. Keep reading to learn more about the support we provide to franchisees like you and how you can get the ownership process started with us today.


Just like your gym members, our franchisee network is strong. You can find like-minded entrepreneurs who are excited to grow together and take on the challenges and rewards of franchise ownership. We support each other no matter what—providing tried-and-true advice from past experiences, useful tips for membership retention, and even marketing recommendations to boost your numbers. If you have questions, our franchisees are excited to help answer them. We believe we all have something to contribute to the UFC GYM franchise experience, so reach out to your fellow franchisees whenever you need.


Similar to our franchisees, the corporate team at UFC GYM is always a resource for you. Each member of our team is experienced in all things franchising, and we know how to support franchisees like you. We’re here to make sure you get your technical questions answered and you’re confident in the next steps to take. We can help guide you on staffing questions, financial plans, and the direction you’re looking to take your fitness franchise. You can rely on regular check-ins with our team and constant availability throughout ownership.


Never hired a staff of your own before? Don’t sweat it. We can help you hire the best team to run your gym location, from the front desk managers to the class trainers. With over a decade of franchise staffing experience, we know the best practices in the hiring process. After your team is established, you’ll even receive materials for training, and your coaches will go through an intense certification process to provide the best MMA-inspired fitness experience to all members.


You may have a background in marketing, or perhaps this is the first time you’ll be dipping your toes into marketing and advertising. Regardless of experience, all our franchisees receive top-notch marketing materials to help boost name recognition and awareness throughout their territories. Along with local marketing and promotion assistance, you can tap into our national strategies, too. Together, we can help develop your grand opening PR, social media content, and print advertising—just to name a few.


Ready to receive support from all angles? Our team is ready to get you started. Contact us today to learn more about our support, training, and onboarding process. We’re excited to hear from you and help you achieve your franchise goals together.

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