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The fitness franchise industry is back and bigger than it’s ever been. With mass emphasis on health and wellbeing, people everywhere are taking their workouts seriously and getting into the gym for their daily routines. Fitness franchises like UFC GYM are a great way to take advantage of the increased worldwide attention the fitness industry’s receiving. We’re here to help you get started and lead the market. Keep reading to learn why franchising with UFC GYM can be the right move for you.


There are many different reasons why the health and fitness industries are making a comeback that’s stronger than ever before. One key reason is our desire to incorporate healthy decision-making into all aspects of our lives. As a society, we’ve created cleaner diets full of organic and local foods, invested in lifestyle trackers and workout apps, and watched countless fitness journey videos for inspiration. At UFC GYM, we’ve seen this carry over into our memberships. As a franchise owner with us, we’ll help you take advantage of this growth and build the franchise future you’ve always wanted using key benefits that are exclusive to us.


Because the fitness industry is back and growing, the number of gym franchises is, too. Make franchising easier for yourself by owning a fitness franchise that’s already well known in the community. Owning a location with UFC GYM is your opportunity to become part of a brand that’s been in the fight for over thirty years. We’ve got the experience that can make you stand out and the brand power that attracts members everywhere. Your members will love our longstanding history, well-known brand name, and expertise in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) space.

We’ve also created strong partnerships with well-known organizations in the health and fitness industries—such as our partnership with ESPN—that can help you generate more traction for your location among the fitness community. As a gym franchise owner with UFC GYM, you can rely on this already established history and household name to help you build your own business.


As the fitness industry continues to expand, it’s bringing in members of all ages and experience levels. You need a gym franchise that makes everyone feel confident in your space and caters to their specific needs. At UFC GYM, you can offer members elite coaching and training opportunities to help new workout enthusiasts become more familiar with the fitness community or experienced gym goers up the ante in their daily routines. Together, this helps keep members comfortable in your gym and coming back for more coaching, classes, and training.


Ready to become part of the hottest franchise in fitness? Our franchise team can’t wait to help you enter the fitness industry and establish a gym that you’re proud to own. Contact us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities and how you can get started.

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