Members in UFC GYM class run in a line

Fitness enthusiasts have choices when it comes to how to get their sweat on. UFC GYM offers members a huge variety of industry-leading options that combine the best fitness has to offer, like MMA-style classes and top-rated equipment to work every muscle. Our differentiated model fuses all the amenities and features of a big-box gym with boutique style fitness classes, making us a one-stop shop for every member.

Find out why members choose UFC GYM and why our built-in differentiators benefit your future fitness franchise.


UFC GYM is a name known all over the world. Sprouted from the famous global sports brand that helped popularize mixed martial arts competitions, UFC GYM brings athlete-inspired fitness to the everyday gym member.

UFC GYM offers members a way to challenge their bodies, build strength, improve endurance, and achieve their goals while consistently shaking up their routines. True to our roots, the UFC GYM franchise includes a lineup MMA-inspired classes and options for members looking to train like an athlete. Our UFC GYM model even features an octagon and several areas where members can put their MMA skills into practice.

Our well-known name can help you generate buzz around your fitness franchise and attract a multitude of members, from the longtime fighting fan to the first-time gym goer looking for a best-in-class gym.


We believe access to a high-quality gym shouldn’t be reserved for professional athletes. We aim to inspire every gym goer to push their limits and become their strongest selves. UFC GYM does this by combining our mixed martial arts background with an approachable atmosphere where every member can grow.

The UFC GYM franchise offers a range of challenging fitness classes, including MMA-inspired strength and conditioning classes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and even youth programs designed to help kids develop strength, agility, and confidence. Your fitness franchise will also be able to offer complementary classes like yoga and Pilates, a perfect addition to a rigorous training program.

Our classes are developed to accommodate members of all ages and abilities. Beginners can build foundational skills in a class like Kickboxing Skills and Technique or get a personal training coach who can get them started on the right foot. More advanced gym goers can find a challenge in Boxing Conditioning or high-intensity interval training. No matter where your members are at in their journeys, they can find their place at UFC GYM.

The diverse options available also make UFC GYM ideal for the whole family. Busy parents can get their workout in while their child attends a youth class or hangs out in kids club, where available. Members love UFC GYM’s ability to fit seamlessly into their lives, making healthy living that much easier.


When members join a UFC GYM franchise, they get the total package. With an expansive yet economical floorplan, franchise owners can help introduce variety into members’ fitness routines. Bringing together the best of UFC GYM, your fitness franchise will offer an abundance of machines and free weights, coach led-group fitness classes, MMA-inspired fitness training, and so much more. At our gyms, members can explore a different fitness category every day of the week.

Many fitness enthusiasts have to join multiple gyms to get this broad range of choices. Not only does this bring more value to your members, but it also helps your gym franchise appeal to a wider demographic. That’s what we like to call a win-win.


Members can’t get enough of UFC GYM. With a growing global presence, we’re helping more and more members discover their strongest selves. Make your community next with a UFC GYM franchise of your own. Get in touch today.

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