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With the increasing interest in fitness, and the rise in gym-goer numbers, it’s no surprise that full-service gyms like UFC GYM make an excellent opportunity for franchise ownership. Our premium gyms are the future of franchising, and you can take advantage of our proven business model by becoming an owner. Keep reading to learn why full-service gyms are the up-and-coming fitness experience that will be everywhere for years to come.


Full-service gyms have large target audiences because we offer something that every member wants from their gym experience. Your UFC GYM franchise can offer coach-led group classes and individual training for anyone looking to receive fitness guidance rather than working out on their own. You can also provide youth programming for our young members—some of whom are as young as six—and yoga or Pilates for our zen-loving fitness fans who want a low-impact workout or are cooling down.

Your gym franchise with UFC GYM can attract members of all experience levels, too. Whether members are well-versed in mixed martial arts (MMA) or are trying it for the first time, your full-service gym has the MMA-inspired and martial arts fitness training they crave. Coaches are also available to safely guide new gym members through workouts for the first time, which encourages memberships from every walk of life. With UFC GYM, you can rely on having members of all ages and experience levels attend your location—thanks to our inclusive, full-service gym model.


UFC GYMs are also well-equipped to introduce variety into any workout routine. Your fitness franchise can provide new experiences to longstanding customers looking to shake up their workout routines or diversify their weekly schedule. From weightlifting and free weights to fighting rings and a full class itinerary, boredom and plateauing can be a thing of the past with your UFC GYM.

Members can grow with your gym, too. As they reach their fitness goals and take on new challenges, your UFC GYM franchise is the perfect place to find their next workout routine. They can jump into a new class, for example, or create an updated plan with a coach. Rather than outgrow the space, members have the variety they need at your fitness franchise to stay at the same location and continue to develop. As a franchise owner with us, you can make sure they are welcome and well taken care of during each stage of their fitness journey.


Full-service gyms are the future, and it’s your time to make the most of the franchise opportunities at UFC GYM. Our gym business model has everything you need to satisfy members and boost their loyalty for years for come. Ready to learn more about your options and how else we can help you establish a well-loved, longstanding fitness franchise location? Get in touch with the franchise team at UFC GYM to discover what else we offer and how you can get started today.

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