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You’re likely familiar with the three business models that UFC GYM offers each of our fitness franchise owners, and you’ve probably done your homework on what our current owners are like. But how familiar are you with our franchise team and its members? Like our business models and franchise owners, our team members are one of a kind. Keep reading to meet Curtis Braden, Director of Franchise Development, and Mike Apple, Senior Vice President of Global Franchising and Development, to discover more about their roles and responsibilities to you and UFC GYM.


Leading the UFC GYM franchise team is Curtis Braden, Director of Franchise Development. Braden has always loved to help people through fitness, and it was this passion that pushed him to serve and make an impact on a larger scale. After serving as district manager for another fitness franchise, Braden moved around the Midwest until finally leaving for another position with a Texas-based gym franchise. He was soon ready to take his twenty years of field experience with him to the UFC GYM franchise team, becoming the director of franchise development in August of 2021.

“I came to UFC GYM to join a world-class team made up of the best leaders in the industry,” Braden said. “I believe UFC GYM has the best value proposition in the industry, and our people and culture are what drew me in.”

As Director of Franchise Development, Braden is a resource for incoming franchisees by helping them develop their ownership vision and introducing them to the three brand models: UFC GYM, UFC FIT, and CLASS UFC GYM. For the overall franchise, he will help lead UFC GYM toward a fitness comeback in 2022 and make it one of the best years on record for the fitness industry and UFC GYM. When he’s not leading the team, he enjoys taking our boxing conditioning classes, encouraging his daughters at their sporting events, and spending time with Angie, his wife of 19 years.


As Senior Vice President of Global Franchising & Development, Mike Apple is no stranger to fitness and franchising. After serving in the Army, Apple moved around the world to Russia, Asia, Europe, and other interesting places before settling back in the United States to work with top franchise systems. His experience, drive, and passion for helping franchisees develop their entrepreneurial goals ultimately led him into the world of UFC GYM.

“UFC GYM gives people the chance to become entrepreneurial with the support from experienced veterans in the business and a proven operating plan,” Apple said. “Using the proven systems and procedures established over the many decades is a definite part of our franchisee-franchisor culture.”

Much like Braden, Apple’s role as Senior Vice President of Global Franchising & Development puts him in a unique position to help incoming franchisees. He supports newly award franchisees by streamlining communication, helping them navigate the ownership process, and answering any questions they may have. His relationships with our UFC GYM franchise team also makes him an excellent resource for contact recommendations and strategic planning. When Apple isn’t making headway on establishing our franchise as the leader in mixed martial arts (MMA) fitness around the world, he can be found weight training, cycling, and supporting animal welfare volunteer initiatives.


Braden and Apple, along with the entire franchise team, are here to help you get started with a UFC GYM franchise of your own. Ready to meet the rest of the group? Get in touch with us so we can get to know each other and jumpstart your future with UFC GYM today.

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