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UFC GYM Franchise
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MMA is the fastest-growing sport in the world.

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UFC GYM® Franchise – The Ultimate Fitness Business

Fast-growing gym franchise uses MMA techniques to Train Different™

UFC GYM is a different type of fitness center — something totally new and innovative in the popular health and fitness industry. UFC GYM franchises are more than mixed martial arts centers where members learn boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and a variety of MMA inspired classes. We are a family-friendly fitness center where members enjoy a wide variety of workouts from our state-of-the-art equipment and traditional fitness to personal training and a full-range of youth and group fitness programs, to actual MMA instruction in our trademark Octagon™.

UFC GYM is a new take on your neighborhood gym, harnessing the global appeal of the enormously popular UFC® brand with everything fitness enthusiasts want, all in an 8,000- to 12,000-square-foot space. The rising popularity of practicing MMA and the increasing fan affinity for the UFC position UFC GYM as the premier choice when exploring the fitness business. Plus, with UFC GYM’s exclusive access to UFC athletes, ongoing analysis of their training and nutrition regimes, and integration as program advisor and coaches, UFC GYM is the only fitness club that can make elite training available to everyone.

Unlike most gym franchises, which rely almost solely on membership income, UFC GYM franchise owners benefit from recurring revenue from monthly membership dues and personal training sales, along with quality merchandise sales that include apparel and training equipment, providing the owner multiple revenue streams, many of which support customer retention, as well as the ability to maximize revenue per customer.

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With solid operations in the U.S. and Australia, UFC Gym plans to continue its expansion in the US, with 500 gyms over the next several years, and an additional 500 internationally.

“UFC is a big player in mixed martial arts and is growing incredibly fast,” says UFC GYM President of Franchise Hannibal Myers. “Available territories will become increasingly scarce as we expand throughout the world.”

the UFC gym franchise has a large following

Total investment for a new UFC GYM franchise ranges from $390,257 to $891,007. To open a new gym franchise, an investor needs $175,000 in liquid capital and $350,000 in net worth. We’re looking for owners who are currently members of a gym, are passionate about fitness, and are UFC fans.

The UFC GYM franchise opportunity

IBISWorld reported total revenue for health and fitness clubs at $29.5 billion. That number is expected to climb as more Baby Boomers join gyms and disposable income increases. Health clubs provide services to 59 million customers, according to the International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association.

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“The growth of the UFC brand has been a phenomenon,” Hannibal says. “I’m often asked what’s in store for UFC GYM over the next three to five years, and it’s very exciting. We are on a deliberate and aggressive growth plan. We’re pioneering a totally new way of working out that gives members much more than just access to gym equipment and personal trainers. The growth opportunity is simply huge, and it’s a great time to become a UFC GYM franchise owner.”

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Although we are part of a $29.5 billion industry, the UFC GYM franchise is a unique opportunity for its members to learn MMA while becoming physically fit. UFC GYM creates something for all ages, fitness levels and interests. As the first to combine mixed martial arts and traditional fitness, UFC GYM’s Train Different approach to fitness creates an experience that delivers immediate lasting results in a safe and fun environment.

UFC GYM members

Our members get in shape and learn the specialized training techniques of a UFC fighter in classes adapted for and made accessible to the general fitness enthusiast. Through our focused classes, both adults and children have the opportunity to learn MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and participate in functional fitness classes all tailored for the appropriate age range and skill level.

All ages enjoy the UFC GYM franchise

Our members are a community of Active Enthusiasts, Driven Professionals, Healthy Families and Millennial Mavens. They are discerning and dedicated to the healthy lifestyle they’ve chosen. And, our members are our greatest brand ambassadors!

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We create an environment for all ages and fitness levels that is inviting, inclusive, encouraging and inspiring, as we build healthier communities and families. We are a fitness community founded on I can, I will.   “We’re a gym for everybody,” says Tony Riccardi, Vice President of Club Operations. “We’re a gym for kids, moms, dads and teenagers — people who want to get in shape as well as those who want to learn mixed martial arts disciplines and techniques.”


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$390,257 – $891,007

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